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Thread: SOBO class 2021

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    Default SOBO class 2021

    Who's planning on hitting the trail sobo this season?

    My wife and I (Rooster & Woodchuck)are flying into Montana June 21st and planning on starting the 22nd or 23rd.
    This trail (mother nature willing) will mark the near completion of our triple crown. All that will be left after this is making up miles in Oregon that we skipped due to fires back in 2017.

    So, who are you? What's your experience? When are you starting?

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    I'm thinking of starting June 13th. I've done the AT, PCT, & TA & was hoping to do the CDT nobo, but decided I better get vaccinated ... but that kinda blew my nobo schedule. So now I'm looking at a flip, or a ... sobo? I'm not really a sobo kind-of hiker, but the stats on halfwayanywhere seem to suggest almost 1/2 CDT hikers go sobo & more of them don't flip. I'm a *slightly* "slower" hiker to be doing a sobo I think—I can get up a little over 30 miles on a nice track & my comfy spot is 26-ish. I could wait another year for a sweet April 1st covid-free nobo start date ... but, yeah, I need to get out there & get it done, if it's possible.

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    I am planning to start my SOBO hike sometime in mid July. Really depends on when I can get back to the states and find a way to a trailhead (Polebridge/Bowman Lake). I'm worried that it may be a late to start, but I won't miss this opportunity to at least give it a shot. Sadly these kind of "time off" periods don't come often for me.

    I made good time and still enjoyed my AT hike over 4 months. Had a lot of zeros in there as well. Hoping to hit the same stride, and still be able to get hike and see all the amazing sights out there on the CDT.

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