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Thread: Cookie Lady 2.0

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    Default Cookie Lady 2.0

    I'm very pleased to report that the new owners of the "Cookie Lady's" house on Washington Mtn Rd in Mass are eager to carry on the Wiley's tradition of reaching out to hikers. As Ruth, the new owner says:

    Water, cookies, electricity, and limited tenting for hikers with permission from the Sangree family, known as “Cookie Lady 2.0”, at Blueberry Hill by the Appalachian Trail, 47 Washington Mountain Road, Washington, MA 01223. Please email us: [email protected]

    As always, we hope hikers will respect the opportunities folks like Ruth (and Tom Levardi, a few more miles north) provide for the community, and remember those who are coming behind you.



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    That’s great news! Still I will miss the “Cookie Lady”. I never would have made it through MA without her.
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