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Thread: DIY down hoody

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    Default DIY down hoody

    High all, new to the site and to DIY. I have been having a hard time finding some kind of pattern to make a down hoody (something along the lines of a ghost whisperer but warmer). Just got into hammock hiking which was a major gear shift so DIY made sense. I had lots of covid related time to make (and use) a hammock, winter tarp, winter underquilt, shoulder season underquilt and finally a shoulder season top quilt. Really surprised how far my measly skills have come along. My wife is a ringer though and stands ready in the wings (but is called on less and less with every project).

    frankly, making things based essentially on a rectangle (more or less) has been relatively easy to create but clothing is something else completely. but, hey, there is still a few yards of 49argon from Dutchgear and several ounces of quality down left over...I'd really like to try my hand at a jacket.

    Any suggestions on how to get started?

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    Ray sell a nice kit for a hood, but not a hoodie: https://www.rayjardine.com/ray-way/I...-Kit/index.htm
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    some down jackets had detachable hoods. look in the lost and found of your local churches n schools.. i found a north face light weight down hood complete with snaps... FREE!

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