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    Default Transportation Advise - Presidential Traverse (White Mountains, NH)

    My buddy and I are going to hike the Presidential Traverse (Madison to Jackson) in mid-August. We are driving together from Michigan so we'll only have one vehicle. We will need transportation from the Mt. Jackson end where we are going to leave our car to the start near the Mt. Madison.

    Does anyone have names of transportation companies, hiker hostels that provide that service or other such services?

    I am capable of doing my own research but I figured it would be quicker and more accurate to get that information from people who are very familiar with the local area or people who may have current info from their own very recent experiences.

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    Are you familiar with the AMC, and their shuttle?


    FWIW, here is a good resource on trail conditions etc:


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    The AMC shuttle service is your best option. Hope you have researched the camping options, or the serious lack there of, for this trip.
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    The AMC shuttle is fine, but you are stuck with its schedule (https://www.outdoors.org/shuttle/) . With a private shuttle you can pick your own time. Bruce "Golden Waldo" Feige has always been a reliable shuttle provider during the summer -- 504-615-9497 cell, [email protected] -- Really nice guy. He charges for gas, and you pay what you want in a tip for the shuttle ride.

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