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    Putting aside all the commentary regarding fees, taxes, land acquisition, who should be where, and what should be fair and, and, even, polyp roping . . .

    The shooting occurred at approximately 12:30 pm on Saturday May 8. Hunting was only allowed from 1/2 hour before sunrise until 1:00 PM, and this was the next to last day, Sunday May 9, that spring turkey season would be open anywhere in the state. I used to hunt frequently. Deer, waterfowl, small game, and yeah, even turkey. It sucks to hunt for days and not get anything, but that's often the reality. There's an urge to bag game. It's the prime reason as to why we're out there hunting. If it wasn't, we'd just be hiking around with a camera looking at wildlife. Yes, a bad day hunting is like a bad day fishing - it still beats work - but the point ultimately is to catch the fish or bag the game. We took time off work, spent lots of money and time to do this, and we want something in return. Unfortunately, every year we read about undisciplined, inconsiderate (insert idiot if you wish) hunters who shoot dogs, cows, horses, and even humans -- often any moving unidentified blob -- in their, "I'm hunting so I have to shoot something" mindset. If you don't believe me, go to a popular hunting area on a season's opening day and time and watch the craziness. Several times I've turned around and left places before ever entering the woods because there were too many hyped up hunters just waiting to get out there and shoot . . . something. "But, I thought he was a [insert species in season]." It's pure BS. The truth is they didn't know what they were shooting at. They just wanted to shoot . . . something. But it isn't a hunting accident. A hunting accident is an accidental firearm discharge, a ricochet, an unintended animal or human hit with a missed shot that was honestly unseen behind a legitimate target, etc. "I thought he was a deer" -- or a turkey in this case -- is 100% about being in a mindset to shoot . . . something (remember, season's ending, time is running out!) and not identifying the target before pulling the trigger. Sorry, but all the rest is, to me, irrelevant conversation. There's NEVER, EVER, an excuse for not positively identifying the target before pulling the trigger. [Drop mic]
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    Well Said Mr Buzzard! One point I would like to make is that a Real hunter makes a clean killing shot so the game animal does not have to suffer unnecessarily. The only way one can do that is to have a clear and doable shot at the game.That's why there should be no excuses for target identification mistakes and there should be some jail time involved for those who just shoot at sound or motion with high hopes that they will come out of that action as the mighty hunter and not someone guilty of manslaughter.That's why I always have some orange on my person whilst in the woods regardless of the season.

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