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Thread: tweezer sheath

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    Default tweezer sheath

    Hiking in Florida, and I'm sure other places, results in one getting burs/sand spurs and ticks. Either are usually best removed with a sturdy pair of tweezers. I've tried different methods of carrying tweezers so they would be readily accessible and not get lost or fall out but with marginal success. So as I was hemming some pants (with admittedly marginal sewing skills), I decided to make a small tweezer sheath. It is loosely based on a small pocket knife sheath that is carried laterally on the belt.

    I should have taken pictures along the way but I didn't.
    I started with the bottom of the pant leg I hemmed and a 1 inch wide Velcro cord wrap. I trimmed some of the hook off the cord wrap and made a pocket. I left the fuzzy end to overhang to make it easy to grab. I made a small sleeve from the pants to slide over the belt and sewed the Velcro to it. It could be made a little smaller to fit more snugly around the belt, but it should work. The tweezers are about 3 1/4 inches long.

    th closed.jpg th open.jpg th pants closed.jpg th pants open.jpg

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    I'm glad American ingenuity is alive and well.

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