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Thread: Snow in NH?

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    Default Snow in NH?

    Anyone know if there’s snow on the trail between Little Haystack and South Twin? Thanks!

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    try sending a message to slogoen. he's from there abouts

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    There is still plenty of snow. Trails are icy monorails from the reports, bring microspikes.
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    It was snowing this morning when I drove south through Franconia Notch

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    Try this for a pretty good report from yesterday https://www.newenglandtrailcondition...?entryid=54472
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    Thank you all. It seems like with the trail conditions report and the huts closed until 6/3, a full Pemi loop would be quite the challenge late next week. Will keep an eye on the forecasts and head out for more of a scouting/playing trip, with micro spikes, if there’s no rain.

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    Quick update. Did the Pemi Loop last Thursday. There is still a lot of snow on the trails in many places. Coming down off Lincoln, descending Garfield, up to South Twin and the whole trail from South Twin to Guyot. Warm temps meant the snow was often slushy and slippery and you posthole if you're not on the firm section or slide into existing postholes. Microspikes did not help. Snowshoes may have but I wasn't carrying them for the whole loop.

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