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    Quote Originally Posted by garlic08 View Post
    I always wear light nylon trousers, light nylon long sleeve shirt, wide-brim hat. I keep covered up from sun, insects, poison plants. In my pack is homemade silnylon raingear, about 3 oz for the anorak, 4 oz for the pants. Warmer layers include a Hot Chillies jersey, a Marmot Driclime jacket, a Marmot down vest for winter. The only extras I have are boxer briefs and socks.
    Me too (keeping covered up, that is). Don't like convertible pants or shorts. These days I am liking Duluth Trading Company Dry on the Fly pants. I prefer a wool blend t-shirt over nylon to help keep stink under control. I have a nylon OR wide brimmed hat. Will also take a buff (best UL multi-use garment there is). For cold layers I just have a generic fleece and rain jacket. Not really set up for 3-season hikes right now. I need a puffy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alligator View Post
    Hot-Plain navy, black, or tan bathing suit with the liner cut out. Muscle tee gym shirt. Bandana to keep the sweat out of my eyes.
    Warm-shorts-see hot. Regular gym tee shirt. Bandana.
    Cool-shorts, see hot or maybe a regular pair of hiking shorts. Synthetic underwear and maybe a long sleeve gym shirt or lightweight polypro type thermal top. Bandana.
    Cold-Maybe some pants and the long sleeve. Fleece bandana. Wind shirt if hiking into the evening or the weather is squirrely.

    Most of the above is from Wal-mart, and often from the discount rack. Full brim sunhat until it's cold, but I don't hike in it. I did get it from Wal-mart though.
    I'm with Alligator on this one. Over the years I've found no value in the expensive base layers. I've done the best with cheapo clearance items for shirts and shorts.

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