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    Quote Originally Posted by blackbird04217 View Post
    I am happy to report whatever magic of compression sleeves have, it works! I hiked Mount Abraham on Saturday without any of the knee issues I was talking about. I did do a bit more evening hikes to prepare, but I suspect something magical with compression sleeves helped a bit more. The knees felt so good after that I decided to go on a short 2m hike in the Willoughby area (Haystack Mountain) and they are still feeling good!

    Thanks everyone!
    I had a pair of Tommy Copper knee sleeves save the day for me coming down Mt Sterling.They are a permanent part of my kit now for sure.

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    Blackbird, try not braking so much on descents. If you find you have to stop or alter your momentum you're going too fast and/or not proceeding methodically intentionally within your physical capabilities. Flow. You'll know when you're in the flow, your flow of and when you're not.

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    In my experience most backpacking leg/hip/knee/ankle pains can be "walked out" over time---just endure the temporary pain and keep moving.

    I carry as part of my standard load an elastic wrap bandage for my knees when they start barking. It's rolled up and always in my pack. When one of my knees get tweaked I wrap it and keep moving.

    Over the years I've had serious shoulder issues, left wrist pain, a couple ankle incidents, a right calf "popped", several knee "blowouts"---and butt cheek cramping (takes the breath away). Such tendon/ligament/musculature problems come with backpacking, esp when hauling enormous weights. They come during a trip and then they go.

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