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    Default NH Presidential Traverse Rescue - Multiday Rescue

    Its not only in winter where rescues can get delayed due to weather. Temps have been quite low this past week, add in wind rain and fog and even the rescue crews can get delayed. My guess is the hikers were tented in the area of the Sphinx trail. Not a great place to have to bivy as there is minimal shelterm and storms tend to barrel through. Not a bad place for helicopter pick up but its windy turbulent spot so carry outs seem to occur far more often


    The Gulfside Trail is also the AT from near the summit of Washington to Madison Hut. Sounds like they had the gear and equipment to survive which given the recent spell of cool weather is something that many hikers probably underestimate.

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    This has been quite an active summer for SAR. Lots of lost and injured hikers.
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    This part of the AT is always been a little scary to me as itís above tree line Iíve never been farther North than Massachusetts where Shays Rebellion occurred.

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    I was there a week and half ago, I had shorts and T shirt on. You just need to pick your days and this summer its been pretty weird weather. Really hot in June and cold and damp in July. Who knows what august will bring?. As the report said, they had the gear to survive, many do not and just hope that someone will bail them out.

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    August? I'm already seeing some trees turn color in the valley. Early fall I suspect. Early and lingers I hope. May keep SAR busy.
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    I had my misadventure up there a few week ago. No rescue needed for me but could see how easy it would be to cross the line and need help.

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    Another guy just had to be rescued out of the Great Gulf when he got off trail and stuck on the headwall of Washington. A 66 yr old from Texas who had intended to take the AT SOBO where it crosses the auto road at mile 2, climb Madison and then over to Washington and I suppose shuttle back down.

    He took a wrong turn on the way to Madison and ended up deep in the Great Gulf. He then started climbing the headwall on Washington using a cell phone app for guidance. He must have realized he was off route and thought going directly to up the Great Gulf trail to the summit was better then backtracking. Bad decision.
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