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    Default Info on VT shelters

    I am going to do two nights in VT and was looking for updated info on Thistle hill and Wintturi shelters. Guide says reliable water and I assume that with the weather lately they should have plenty of water, is that correct. I assume since the trail in that area is low and near “civilization” that the only legal camping spots are at the shelters, can anyone confirm this? Any other handy info on that stretch of trail will be appreciated.

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    Dispersed camping is only allowed on National Forest land. Thistle hill and Wintturi shelters on the AT dog leg between the LT and NH, which may still be crossing private land. That area might be "low", but it is cutting across the grain of the ridges, so there is a lot of up and down.
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    Camping is allowed only at shelters on this part of the AT. Both Thistle Hill and Winturri have camping spots and reliable water.

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    thanks for the info

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    Slo-go'en I should haved listened to your warning about the pud's. got half of what i had planned done, but still better than being at work. I was surprised by the number of NOBO I talked to 400 miles in 30 days is going to be a big push or they may have to flip flop. either way the will be pushing the snow. Thanks for the info.

    GMC thanks for all the trail maintenance, they were in great shape even with all the storms we have had of late.

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