When: September 22-25 2021
Weather: Windy, highs on upper 50s, lows in upper 40s.

I started a thread asking for advice on planning almost a year ago. I got amazing advice! It took a lot of stress out of trip planning.

Sept 22 8:00am. I got dropped off in the morning at the Munising Falls Visitor Center and took the shuttle ($35 at the time) to the Grand Sable Visitor Center. There was a group of 3 guys also on the bus, more on that later.

Arriving at Grand Sable the park ranger briefed us on basic bear info. Apparently itís bear hunting season and they retreat to the no hunting zones in the park.

The beginning of the trail goes through a very pretty field with many pine and birch trees. Crossing some wood plank walk ways and into a forrest.

The trail pops out at a small trail head and a .6 mile road walk along Grand Sable Lake. There is also a cool sand dune with some cool views.

I happened to hit the first notable landmark, Log Slide, at lunch time. I intended to sit at the overlook and eat but the wind was crazy and pretty cold. I retreated to a small bench area just before the dune up to the Log Slide. The other group of 3 hikers from the bus had caught up to me. We chatted and ate together. They were from Lansing Michigan.

Another 1.8M through the woods skirting Lake Superior with amazing views of the lake. I arrived at Au Sable Camp Ground around 2pm. Out of muscle memory first thing I do is set up camp, get water, then chill. Being so early I took a quick nap

End of day oneÖ. To be continued.