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    :banana Osprey "all mighty guarantee" heads up.....

    One of my kids wanted a pack to go camping with. I have several differnt packs Ive been using over the years. He liked the Osprey Tallon 44 I had. Seems the pack developed waht they called delamination. Thats where the material coating gets gummy n stinky.

    I took my chanced asking if this was covered... IT WAS! so all I had to do was fill out the online return authorization form. I got my RMA and sent the pack back. I was just notified a new pack is on its way. WHAAAAAaaaaaa HOOOOooooooooooo

    I love my Osprey packs.

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    I’ve told this before here …

    one of the zippers on my Atmos 65 separated from the pack material. I sent in some pictures to get a repair time and cost estimate. They sent me a new pack.
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    Heads up to Gregory owners... they don't honor their "Warranty"
    I can understand them not honoring their word on older gear to a point.
    But for an expedition pack they sent me to lowes to replace a Chicago screw that ran through a frame stay and belt and Lowes thin
    aluminum version would not only be loose, but would probably melt under the weight of 20 pounds in 30 miles.
    I own four of their packs and was about to buy their ultra lite ohm like I think thin external frame pack.
    I will never buy a Gregory pack again!!! After taking their word a three hours of my tand a huge waist of time and money... I wish I would have asked them to at least to check for a part compatibility check on their part.
    Once again, thank you for your effort to back your word "Gregory "
    Company does disservice to the Gregory name in my opinion.

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