2021 AT flip-flop thru-hiker. I'm looking for any SOBO hiker that is trying to finish out GA,TN, and NC. I nursed one injury on trail. However, my second injury on trail put me behind the possibility of finishing my thru-hike before the dead of winter in the Smokies. Throw in the possibly of hypothermia and a limp foot, and it's not worth it. I will finish, I just need to reevaluate and approach the finish from a different angle. I'm looking to slack pack those states. I was wondering if there are any interested in slack packing (car shuttling) to finish up, or maybe any 2022 thru-hiker that wants to get an early start.

Also, if no takers, the worst case scenario is that I finish the trail next year, lollygagging on the trail with no press for time. Lastly, my next stop is The Camino. If anyone is interested in walking that later 2022 but not solo, let me know.