Excited to start again with GR11 in Navarra, Spain and Camino del Norte vibes - Day 10 Ochagavia, Sierra de Abodi, Hiriberri

After having an extreme heat wave in the mountains for a week or so in Catalonia province we have decided to move to a different region Navarra, village Ochagavia and start our GR11 trail again there hoping that the weather would be cooler. Also we liked the idea to start the GR trail in Navarra because that way we'll be able to walk until the ocean coast and finish the route there. As we have been missing the ocean quite a lot since the time of our last Camino. To our calculation, it should have taken us 9 or 10 days to get to the coast.

Watch the full video here:

The plan for that day was to do 15kms from the village Ochagavia getting up 600 meters to 1300m level. We were going to have less elevation changes than when we were more at the northern side of the Pyrenees and we hoped that it would help us to make it even in the hot weather if this would be the case. As we supposed we'd have less challenging trail and have more shade than in the high mountain parts that we hiked before. But of course we didn't know for sure how it would all go and were ready for some challenges as always..

Have you ever been to Navarra? Would you like to visit it?