I currently have a zpacks SolPlex 1 person tent. It weighs 15.8 oz according to zpacks with the bag. I usually like to keep all my gear, including my pack inside my tent. And it's starting to feel claustrophobic to me. I am perpetually feeling like my head is about to hit the tent wall while I am sleeping. I don't remember this being a thing before this year! There is only 1 way out and the vestibule is tiny. I keep my waters and stove in the vestibule at night.
I am thinking about getting a larger tent. My tent already uses 2 trekking poles and I use them so going to a 2 person tent isn't an issue for me.
Am I crazy to be looking at a duplex or even a dupleXL? The weight penalty is not very much.
As added incentive there is a $50 savings if ordered before April 30th. I could then sell my Solplex (not to be confused with the Plex Solo).

A 2 person tent would give me more space in the tent, 2 vestibules, 2 doors and a chunk less $$$.