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    Default 5 Days South from Gorham?

    Hi All,

    I completed a SOBO back in 2011, and now one of my friends is starting SOBO soon.
    I haven't been back up north since then and was hoping to do the 100 mile wilderness with him, but I can't pull that off due to scheduling.

    So, I now have the more difficult logistics problem of guessing where he'll be and trying to arrange shuttles. Any suggestions would be appreciated! He starts on June 29. I plan to meet him on July 19 in Gorham. It took me 18 days to reach Gorham, but that was probably faster than average (?). This would give him 21 days to reach Gorham. Here is my plan:

    1) Fly direct from Nashville to Boston
    2) Take a bus from the airport to Gorham
    3) Stay at a hostel and arrange shuttle (suggestions?)
    4) Hike for 5 days and find a shuttle that will get me back to a bus line running to Boston. Again, suggestions?
    5) Depending where he is, I'll either go from A) Gorham to Crawford Notch OR B) Pinkham to North Woodstock/Lincoln (They both would be good routes... if he is still not to Gorham, I'm not sure how exciting that final stretch of Maine would be by comparison, but I could be wrong)

    Thanks for any input! I'm still flexible at this point and will get updates from my friend as he goes, but I should probably go ahead and buy a ticket to Boston unless anyone sees a better option.

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    Arrange your flights so that you arrive in Logan early afternoon in order catch the northbound Concord Coach Line to Berlin NH https://concordcoachlines.com/route/...logan-airport/ which leaves Logan at 3:25PM . Arrive at Pinkham Notch (8:10 PM) or Gorham at 8:25 PM. Where you stay depends on how flexible a shuttle you want or need. Rattle River Hostel in Shelburne (immediately on the AT near Rattle River) was the go to hostel shuttle option but covid impacted its business. They seemed to be up to normal last summer but their website says different (and is out of date) https://rattleriverhostel.com/ definitely contact them ASAP to see what services they are offering this summer. They are 3.5 miles east of Gorham on RT 2 if the bus drops you off at the town Common. Grab something to eat and walk or hitch to the hostel if they are running shuttles this year. From this location you can access the western end of the Mahoosucs (Gentian Pond via side trails) to Mt Moriah or catch a shuttle if offered at a wide area. The alternative is to use Trail Angels out of Berlin for a more flexible but more expensive private shuttle. There are a couple of local motels in town plus The Barn https://libbyhouseinn.com/hostel-at-the-barn/ You typically need to stay at Rattle River to get a shuttle so someone trying to get on trail they same day they take the bus up from Boston would want to go with Trail Angels https://www.trailangelshikerservices.com/. There has in the past been a seasonal camper at White Birches Campground in Shelburne, (Bruce?) but not sure if he is running. The quality of cell service is increasing in the area so you should be able to text your friend from most of the upper ridgeline (if he checks his phone).

    AMC runs the scheduled daily shuttles from Pinkham to Crowford Notch to Lincoln with multiple stops across the AT. They are the best deal but their schedule may not line up with yours.

    Concord Coach runs a bus from Lincoln NH (1:30 PM) to Logan in the afternoon arriving in Logan around 4:30PM (note Boston traffic can delay it by an hour or two). Lincoln is accessible via hitch from Franconia Notch to Kinsman Notch (just north of Mt Moosilaukee. The Notch Hostel https://notchhostel.com/appalachian-trail-info-page/ has an affiliated shuttle service that can get you t Lincoln to catch the bus.

    Its all comes down to that if you can use the AMC shuttles its the least cost but may mean fewer trail days due to having to wait or private shuttles which cost more. Note that there is an incredible demand for tourist workers in the region and even private shuttlers have limited availability for last minute requests so do not assume that when you call them that they can pick you up when you need them. They prefer to book in advance.

    BTW The AT south of Andover is some nice territory. It starts out in the woods but once it hits the Baldpates there are summit views from the Baldpates, Speck, and a long stretch of mostly open ridgeline from Full Goose to Goose Eye. It also includes the infamous Mahoosuc Notch.

    Another comment is try to end your hike north of Kinsman Notch. The hike over Moosilaukee is nice but shuttle options from Glencliff are somewhat less available as its long drive from anywhere.

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    The bus to Gorham often arrives up to an hour late due to traffic leaving Boston if it's a weekday. Usually on time for Sat/Sun. The stop is at the Erving gas station, which adds a mile to get to the Rattle River hostel. Hitching to the hostel as it's getting dark might not work out too well and you'll have to walk to the edge of town before starting to hitch. There is another hostel across from the town common called "the Barn" which could be a better option for that time of day, but I don't know the status of that operation at the moment.
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    I agree The Barn is far more convenient, it was in operation to some extent last summer as was the Rattle River Hostel. Rattle River is a seasonal business, as their website proves (currently referencing 2021). The Barn is seasonal but attached to a year round business. I would give both until after Memorial Day to contact. Note the motels in town really fill up on weekends (friday and Saturday nights) with ATV traffic.

    BTW, there is no real grocery store in downtown Gorham. Its 2 mile walk north of town to Walmart. There is a Dollar General which has limited groceries. Even Walmart is stingy on hiker staples but their Ben and Jerry's is cheaper than the Cumberland Farms or Irving Gas Station

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