Tour du Mont Blanc VS GR11 Hiking Trail Comparison - What is the Difference and Which One to Choose?

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This video is a comparison of the two hiking trails Tour du Mont Blanc and GR11. We decided to compare these trails because they are both high elevation long distance multi day hikes located in Europe and are quite popular among many hikers. We have been hiking for more than 5 years now, have done the Tour du Mont Blanc trail several years ago and recently have hiked the GR11 trail doing it in parts. We have already made separate tips and final thoughts videos for both of the trails where we go into details. So in this video we will talk about what are the main differences between these trails and what is special about each one discussing all the details and sharing tips based on our experience and opinion. So if you are considering doing one of these trails but not sure which one to choose this may be the video for you.

Which trail would you choose and which one is your favorite?