I'm thinking about the purchase of a new one-person tent. Made by a smaller company called Slingfin, the SplitWing Shelter Bundle is the front-runner in my search. The link is here:


In addition, I plan to also buy the removable floor, which is sold separately.


I like the modular design of this item. The tarp/mesh tent/vestibule/stakes combination weighs 25 ounces and is 24 square feet plus 7 sq ft in the vestibule. Replacing the mesh tent with the floor brings the weight to about 17 ounces and has about 37 square feet of room.

My next one-person tent will replace my 8x10' Equinox tarp which has served me well in northeast US camping for decades. As I anticipate a Colorado Trail trip in my future, I am looking for something more sturdy in the terrain which I might find there.

My runner-up in my search for a 1-person tent is a Double Rainbow. But the $700 price for the Li version causes me to pucker a bit of seat cushion. Besides, it is currently out of stock. So the sil-nylon version seems financially reasonable, though 42 ounces. And while a hiker can roll back the sides of the DR, it is not exactly 'modular'.

I am sufficiently old to have started in the days of one-door-at-the-head tents (think Timberline2, TNF Dragonfly and Westwind) and I am okay with that. I'm also okay with non-free-standing and single-wall aspects.

So here is the question:

Does anyone have specific first-hand experience with the SplitWing setup and can offer either initial or long-term opinions of the sleep system? I'd be interested in what you have to say, even if you have only used the tarp alone. Keep in mind this tent is for use in places besides the Eastern US where trees are less common--where I have used my 8x10 tarp exclusively as an A-frame setup between 2 trees.

In advance thanks for the collective wisdom contained in the group.