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    Default South Taconic Trails Map Substitute

    Iím considering doing a loop in CT, MA, & NY, following the route that Peter Nyberg (YouTube) posted back in 2014. Iím running into a small bump in that the South Taconic Trails Map is out of print. Any suggestions for a substitute(s)? TIA!

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    The "All Trails" app should have that and other trails in the area, which can also be used to track your progress during the hike.

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    you can piece most of it together with the maps from the appropriate state land areas:

    to add to the alltrails suggestion, caltopo is a great resource too. you can familiarize yourself with the area and print your own maps.

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    This map is available digitally from Avenza Maps for $5.99 per the link on the NY/NJ Trail Conference page.


    Virginia State Parks puts its trail maps on the Avenza Maps app and they work well.

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