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    Default HMW (Hundred Mile Wilderness)

    Are the Jo Mary Rd and Katahdin Ironworks Rd public access? Are there gates closing them from access at any time (seasonal, nightly, etc.)?

    Thank you

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    Last thing I knew KIW has a gate and fee has to be paid to use the road network. This link may should be helpful https://www.northmainewoods.org/ki-j...eckpoints.html

    There are businesses that do shuttles into those locations and also do food caches.

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    Here ya go: KI Jo Mary

    "[ATers] represent three percent of our use and about twenty percent of our effort," retired Baxter Park Director Jensen Bissell.

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    The people who shuttle apparently pay for season passes, and include a portion of the annual fees in their rates. if you go on your own it may be more expensive.

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    are you looking to resupply? Phil at 100 Mile Wilderness on Facebook does resupply's at that point. He is a three time thru hiker and can answer a lot of questions.
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    I’ve already made arrangements with Phil for myself. I’m just thinking about options in case a friend who is also hiking needs help.

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