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    Default Legal flat camping on presidential traverse

    Hey all itís been a while. Doing a presi travers next week. Hoping to find some flat spots near Monroe/Eisenhower to throw down the bivy for the night. Anyone have any suggestions. Starting on air line would like to get past Washington on the first day even though shuttle wonít drop us till 10am. Any ideas or pointers encouraged and appreciated

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    There are no legal campsites above treeline between Washington and Eisenhower. The only legal camping option is 1 mile and 1000 feet down Jewell Trail where there are spots in the woods not far past treeline. There is no water. The closest water is the spring on Gulfside a short distance after the North end of the Clay loop splits off the Gulfside. Edmands path no longer has flat camping until way down off the ridge, the former bootleg spots got wiped out be blowdown. The is stretch of technically below treeline between Eisnehower and Pierce. Its very dense woods on either side of the trail but there are some open area quite popular with thruhikers. The Ammonosuc Ravine trail is no camping all the way down to Jem Pool at the base of the ridge and flat spots are pretty limited until the spur to the parking lot.

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