I am visiting the Whites in September planning on doing the Pemi loop but also have Lakes of the Clouds booked for my 2nd night and plan to hike to that area from Pinkham Notch Tuckerman Ravine trail up and back the next day via Crawford, Davis, Boott Spur. I am looking for some form of paid campground in a valley for my first night. I will be driving from Logan Airport on a Saturday and currently have Lafayette Place campground reserved for my first night but also my last night and from there it is about an hours drive to Pinkham so wonder about staying somewhere in the east my first night about a half hour or less away from Pinkham but not a longer drive from Boston. When I was last in the area the night I was at Layfayette there was a storm and I saw very little of the area and the next night had Pinkham reserved so did not really get to see the Layfayette area.

I get the impression the eastern side of the region is more commercial which I woud not care for. I ultimatley want to do the least amount of driving. The last time I was in the area I hiked from Pinkham to Madison Spring Hut for the first night and then over Washington to Lakes Hut for the 2nd night of my traverse. Are the trail I mention to Mt Washington more interesting than the ones from the West as I get the impression they are.

After I return from the Lakes hut I will be driving to the Lincoln Wood parking lot to start my Pemi Loop and after that plan to drive to Lafayette Place and the next day back to Logan Airport where I see a tunnel will be closed to exit the airport and go north.