GR11 Hiking Trail in Spain Full Documentary Movie Challenging and Very Scenic Pyrenees Crossing

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In this documentary, we are going to share our long distance section hike of GR11 trail. GR11 is 840 kilometers long trail that is stretching the entire length of the Spanish Pyrenees from the Hondarribia Atlantic Coast to Cap de Creus on Mediterranean Coast or vice versa. And it is usually divided in 46 day long sections. We were sure that it would be a fascinating trip that will allow us to discover the unknown high mountain part of Pyrenees where we have never been before. We were on a trail around 18 days, doing our own stages of 15 to 20 kilometers a day.Of course we were carrying all the necessary camping gear in our wilderness backpack and planned to do the bivouac or stealth camping all the way through.

What was your GR11 trail like?