Hey everyone,

I am planning a thru hike of the PCT with my Jack Russel in 2023. I am looking for more technical layer type clothing for her. She is 13 lbs and very active. I am looking for dog gear that arn't the big brands everyone knows with a simple google search, they don't have what i'm looking for. I'm looking for full coverage cold weather gear that covers the stomach and all 4 legs. As well as dog booties that work for tiny dogs, or suggestions for something to use instead of booties in specifically cold weather. Her feet are small and thin and every booty i've tried slides right off immediately and is way too wide for her narrow foot. The only solution I have figured may work is a dog shoe that loops over her shoulders which seams uncomfortable or attaching them to the legs of some kind of base layer. She is fine in the heat, just gets cold easy and I have a nice winter coming up to try out every and all solution before the trail!

Thanks much!