This is old news, in a sense, because I'm hardly the first to do it.
After becoming disillusioned with another BeFree whose flow rate was drastically reduced in just a matter of days(just used a brand new one 15-20 times in the High Uintas), I figured I'd break off the filter section of the BeFree, and attach a Sawyer to it-the main attraction of the BeFree being the Hydrapak water bags' larger openings that make gathering water much quicker and easier.

Well, it doesn't have to be broken, as the filter itself is just press fit with a o-ring.

I popped it out by pulling sideways on it with one finger.

It presses right back into place, and works as normal, so you could actually bring it along as a 28g/0.988oz(maybe less if unused or totally dry) spare filter, which I may do.
Back to the Sawyer Squeeze and Micro for me, but now I'll be using the Hydrapak 1 and 2L bags that I love instead of Evernews with their smaller openings.
The BeFree still works, of course, but I have more faith in Sawyers for the long term.