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    Exclamation BSP to close all Katahdin trails at the trailhead as of Oct. 20th.

    Another NoBo season ends.
    Lots of other Park trails remain open, the Birches and some other campground stay open til the 22nd.

    "[ATers] represent three percent of our use and about twenty percent of our effort," retired Baxter Park Director Jensen Bissell.

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    I just saw a post on " the Trek" from a northbounder dated yesterday that she was heading North out of Gorham starting today towards Katahdin. Interestingly she mentioned that she had encountered a lot of other northbounders on her hike across the whites so presumably they are also heading north. Looks like a lot of optimists will be eating Turkey in Millinocket this year In the past most northbound thru hikers this late in the season zero in town for a few days after a rough trip over the presidentials and then hop the bus to Logan airport as getting off the trail and headed home gets to be a lot more expensive once they leave Gorham

    I have seen folks who look like thruhikers heading through town of late but assumed they were southbounders. There has been snow on the summits a couple of times in the last few weeks and temps are dropping at night (supposed to be in the mid to low twenties at night this week with snow forecast).

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