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    Default Happy Thanksgiving!

    Over the years I have learned much from this group, From gear hacks to trailheads this community never ceases to amaze me in the depth of knowledge and experience that is willingly shared with members and strangers alike.

    I am grateful for a large number of things, but wanted to say to all of you, I am very grateful to have stumbled into this forum and be part of the body of knowledge we pursue in all things great and small.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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    Well stated Traveler‼️

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    Thank you and same to you Traveler.

    Eat good, laugh alot and enjoy life!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all! Screenshot 2022-03-27 3.24.37 PM.png

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    I'm thankful for whiteblaze my health my great job and very thankful to be an American

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

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    Same feeling, and thankful some visionary folk built the great long distance trails we have here. What a treasure.

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    Most definitely thankful for this community!!

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