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    Default Waterfalls Trail and Cave de La Garita in Sot de Chera Natural Park, Valencia, Spain

    El Chorrero & Charco de las Lumbres Waterfall, Cueva de la Garita in Sot de Chera, Valencia, Spain

    Watch the full video here:

    In this video we were doing a beautiful 15kms one-day hike in Sot de Chera Natural Park in Valencia province. We started from the village Chera and went through several waterfalls like Chorrero de La Castellana and Charco de las Lumbres as well as visit the castle and Cuevas de la Garita cave. It is one of the few geological parks in Valencian Community with very unique terrain and landscapes and magnificent nature.

    Would you like to visit any of these attractions?

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    Enjoyed your video. The waterfalls & geology looked worth the walk.

    Was a headlamp required in the Cuevas de la Garita cave?

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