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    Default Any experiance with SMD Minimalst pack?

    I am 6' with a 34"inseam and 19" torso. I find it very difficult to find a good fitting pack. I am about to order a ULA Circuit when I stumbled on the SMD Minimalist.

    The Minimalist seems to check a ton of boxes for me, adjustable torso, available with a vest type harness/straps, available in VX21 (making it just as water resistant as the HMG i tried)

    What are your thoughts? I love the people at SMD and own and use a Lunar Solo. I have no doubt this is a qulity pack and they will stand behind it if there are issues. I just dont see this pack get mentioned at all.

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    Sounds like it might work out great for you, but no experience with it.
    FWIW, I have been very happy with your original ULA choice. Originally started out with Catalyst that I still use in the winter and share with guest hikers. Most of the AT was done with a Circuit (along with other trails). Recently bought another (customized) Circuit.

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