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    Default Nemo Sleeping Bag: Has Anyone Tried One?

    I recently picked up a Nemo sleeping bag with the vents and easy-zip system. It's amazing. Best sleeping bag I've ever owned. I've also owned an expensive Western Mountaineering and a Montbell Stretch (which I enjoyed). But the Nemo seems to be on a totally different level. The internal and external vents actually work and the pillow system is awesome. The bag also comes with their standard lifetime warranty, which is an added bonus. I know they're slightly heavier than some others, but it's totally worth the extra ounces.

    I'm not affiliated with Nemo, but I thought I'd share just in case someone was looking for a great sleeping bag. Anyone else out there who's had a great expereince with Nemo? I did a ton of research on sleeping bags before taking the dive and it was well worth the time investment.
    -- Probably written after hiking 8 miles and drinking a beer or two.

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    No first hand knowledge on Nemo, but based on what I've heard about them, I've been keeping my eye on the Nemo Disco 15 next time I need to get another 15 bag

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    I noticed that Nemo seemed to overfill the bag to ensure an accurate temperature rating. The water resistant foot box is also very cool. My Western Mountaineering 20 degree bag unfortunately didn't keep me as warm even after sending it back for a complementary overfill.

    The only thing I'd change about the Nemo is a longer zipper to turn it into a quilt in warmer weather. But I'm just nitpicking. It's already near perfection as is.
    -- Probably written after hiking 8 miles and drinking a beer or two.

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