Hi all....planning a July section hike; had to change my original plan, and am now planning to do SOBO Stony Creek Valley/VA 635 (656.1) to Laurel Creek/VA 615 (584.3)...planning it like this

day 1: drive/park/shuttle to Stony Creek Valley, hike to 643.2, Rice Field Shelter
day 2: Rice Field Shelter 643.2 -> 627.1 , Docs Knob Shelter
day 3: Docs Knob Shelter 627.1 -> 617.6, Wapiti Shelter
day 4: Wapiti Shelter 617.6 -> 603.1 Jenny Knob Shelter
day 5: Jenny Knob Shelter 603.1 -> 593.4 Helveys Mill Shelter
day 6: Helveys Mill Shelter 593.4 -> 584.3 Laurel Creek/VA 615 -> home

1. Anyone know of anyone who can shuttle?
2. Is it safe parking my car at Laurel Creek? Or at Stony Creek...?...bc I could change it and go NOBO, whichever is a safer parking area? .....OR would it be better to park in Bland? But then I'd have to have someone pick me up at the finish.

Any help is appreciated. Really I'm just looking for a good shuttle driver, and I can work out the details with them. Can reply to this or email me at [email protected]

Also any feedback/thought on this section? Any advice and/or tips?

Thanks so much,