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    :banana $1600 gift card for Portland OR Next Adventure Store

    Hi All,

    Iím a former PCTer (Trail name Bookworm) from Portland, Oregon who buys things at the Goodwill Outlet and resells elsewhere for cash. I sell at Next Adventure bargain basement for credit.


    I have $1600 worth of gift cards for Next Adventure Iíd like to sell so I can afford to finish my final year of collegeóIím a middle aged single mother. I was saving for a kayak but I need to prioritize school right now, lol.

    I can sell all 16 $100 cards for $1200. We can meet up outside NA and go in together and you can confirm they know me and the cards are valid. (Weíd need to be discrete and not bother customers while weíre there per their request, I asked them ahead of time to be respectful, I want to keep going back!)

    The bargain basement for those familiar is a really great place for used backpacking gear. Itís relatively cheap. Iíve seen and sold ULA bags a few times here. They also sell new gear.

    This deal is *perfect* for someone from Portland or nearby who is planning a 2024 thru hike. I need to have them sold by January 1 to afford January mortgage. I only have one more year of school to go.

    Thank you all!

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    Some pics of the cards and the receipt. I used $60 on water toys for my son and gave $100 to my sis so I only have $1600. IMG_5216.jpeg

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