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    Question Overnight parking on Rte 341 outside of Kent, CT?

    I'm seeking advice on whether overnight parking (probably 4 nights) is allowed and advisable at the AT Trailhead on Rte 341 / Macedonia Rd outside of Kent, CT.

    I've done some homework:
    • I've looked at the Google street view. It appears there is room for quite a few cars here. I also see that parking is on the side of the road which makes it less than ideal. However, there does appear to be a few feet of gravel buffer between the parking spots and the actual road.
    • A note on the AT Trail Parking/Access website for this location says "Parking is questionable in area recently due to various restrictions etc. Plan accordingly. 12/1/20." Can anyone provide any more detail?
    • I've seen posts recommending parking at the Kent Town Hall. I may pursue this option if parking on Rte 341 is not recommended.

    Please note:
    • I'm aware there is always some risk when parking for multiple nights at a trailhead. Assuming overnight parking is allowed here, I'm asking for the opinion of those familiar with the area on whether it is advisable. For example, if someone asked me about my local trailheads I have some local knowledge that I can share about which trailheads are known for break-ins, vandalism, etc and which are regularly used for overnight parking without issue.

    Sincere thanks for your patience and advice.

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    I’m not from there but have FarOut. It says:

    Cross CT Route 341, a paved road with a pull off on the west side. There is space for about 12 cars.

    Id assume it’s ok to park overnight there, but if there’s something more secure I think you’d want to do that.

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    I'm local (and a shuttle driver).
    Overnight parking is allowed (no restrictions; there were some locations in CT where COVID caused closing of parking areas, but no issue here/now).
    I generally tell hikers that I wouldn't hesitate to park there for a night or two, but they might want to consider the Town Hall lot (about a mile away) for longer periods. Not due to any actual thefts/vandalism/issues at this location, more because of, as you said "some risk" when parked in same location for extended period. Personally, I would be comfortable leaving my car there for 4 nights (I'm also a section hiker), but its a 2014 with 230,000+. If I had a rental car, I would probably be more cautious (not sure if that will be your situation).

    The parking area is well-used, full to over-flowing on nice weekends. Less so weekdays in general. Road is not really busy; only small communities in area. Low crime area. I hope that's helpful.

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    I left my car there for three nights last year without a problem.

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    Sorry -- I typed before reading your post.

    If I could simply delete my post, I would.

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