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    Default Hostel in 2013ish

    Hi I think I hiked this year from harpers ferry to Georgia. On the way, maybe in Tenn or Virginia I stayed at a hostel that was a big shed behind a house. It had Varios tools for cleaning deer and mounted deer and other animals on the wall of the garage. It was very big and it still looked like a work shop of some type. There was a shower and you could do laundry in the house. It was donation based. I think you had to almost do bouldering to get there coming from the north. It was an oldish man 50s or 60s and his son I think. He gave rides to get groceries and talked about handling snakes to relocate them. It may have been close to train tracks. Anyone remember where this was?????

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    At least in part, this sounds like 4 Pinesómy least favorite hostel stay. But some like it.

    About a half mile south from where trail crosses VA 624 near Catawba. Just north of Dragonís Tooth.
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    I wouldn't consider it a shed but is this it? The closest thing to bouldering in virginia would be dragons tooth, just south a couple miles from 4 pines hostel

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