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    Default Speed Lace Wipeouts

    Bought a pair of Salomon Speed 6s this summer. One of my most comfortable shoes in my 50 years of hiking,and I love them. However, a rather dangerous problem developed.The shoe has a pouch you tuck the lace into after putting them on.What has happened to me twice in a few months is when hiking ,the lace tends to wiggle its way out of that pouch and flops around. Without you realizing it,the toe of the other shoe finds it's way into the lace loop and down you go on your face. Happened to me again this morning. Darn near sprained my wrist hitting the ground. Yes,I do make certain the lace is well tucked into its pouch. FWIW
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    Not that uncommon with trail shoes and runners and can be rather dangerous as loose laces seem to occur when you need secure footing the most. On this type of footwear I will slide the loop end of the tied laces into the secured cross lacing coming up the shoe that can hold them securely in place. Takes a little more time to do but do it a few times and it becomes muscle memory habit quickly. I have yet to have the laces pull out of the cross lacing to cause problems.

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    I use cord locks on my laces. I put the cord lock on and tie a knot in the laces. I leave the laces long for a few days to make sure I have enough length to easily remove my shoes. When I am satisfied I will cut the laces and heat seal the ends of the laces. Then I just use the cord lock to tighten/loosen my laces. If I do this right the laces don't go past my toes ever. If I get them a little long I can just tuck them under the cross lacing.

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