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Thread: crazy Larry's

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    :banana crazy Larry's

    Crazy Larry's is a drug and alcohol free zone. I will operate on a first come first serve base, no reservations and cash only. Crazy Larry's is becoming a Christian based outreach. If you stay here there will be Bible studies and even some AA meetings. If that ain't your cup of tea then hike on...

    But, and there is always a butt around, I do not have a problem with a guest who will want to have a beer or two when they go out. I will not put up with anyone returning drunk or stoned. I have always conducted my business this way. Ask our Chief of Police. He will probably have a few stories about that...

    If you stay you do not have to participate. I am just telling you what I am going to do.

    Oh, and by the way I am not about religion but I am about faith. I am not a Baptist, Catholic, Pentecostal and the rest of these religious entities because I cannot and will not follow any set of rules or standards.

    And last but not least you may hear me cussing sometimes.

    I am the most imperfect hypocritical Christian you will ever meet so if you follow me I will walk you into a brick wall. My hope is you will listen to my testament and make up your own mind about what I believe to be the truth...

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