I have been wanting to check out the AGC hoody for over a year now but the material looks online to be of the most itchy option possible and at a $168 price point I was not going to take a gamble on it. But after over a year of growing support from the hiking community I decided to give it a try. I have zero in field testing feedback as it just came in yesterday but let me tell ya. This thing is nice. I love it. It is extremely light. The knit is a "micro chunky" if you will. Extremely soft. These AGC products are made of 100% alpaca with outstanding insulation and antimicrobial properties. The down sides I could see are their durability. It feels pretty fragile, but does have a nice stretch to the material. The stitching is good but I would like to see a double stitch where as the seams have just been run thru once. I was warned about the smell online prior to purchase and forgot about it until opening. The smell was not pleasant at first but dissipated fairly quickly. I will try to report back here after some testing but I think this is going to be a really nice add to the kit.