In preparation for the upcoming trip tp Portugal, I putting all our stuff together and do a quick testrun of several items.

Me and my wife will bring my MSR Hubba Hubba NX, and an Exped sleeping pad each.
I've got a Downmat, and she's got a normal inflatable without down, both the same size&mummy-shape.
They fit exactly into the tent, if we place them head-to-toe (we will still sleep with our heads at the same end, no worry).

One problem we found out: The pads placed inside the tent are extremely noisy, creaky&squeaky no end.

Now I thought of Tipi Walter who insists to place the groundsheet inside the tent, instead of outside.
I have a groundsheet cut to shape for this tent, made of housewrap (not exactly Tyvec, but similar).

Well, I placed the groundsheet inside the tent, and the sleepingpads atop of it:
Silence! No noise at all, whatever we move around on the pads.