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    :banana WTB: Appalachian Trail Mate

    I had a digital copy of the AT Mate that I purchased from the Appalachian Trail Store several years back but my computer crashed, and I lost it. I have tried to find this CD on the web to re-purchase, but I cannot find it. Does anyone have one of the CD's that you would sell me? If you have this CD laid back and not using it, would you PLEASE share with me, I just want to borrow it. I will pay the postage both ways IF you will loan it to me? Please.
    Rev. Arthur M. Yates
    General Evangelist

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    Found this link doing a search - hope it works

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    Let's try this again. IF you have a copy of the Appalachian Trail Mate and would loan it to me long enough to download to my PC, I will pay postage both ways just for the privilege of using your software. Mail it Registered mail and I will return it Registered Mail. Thanks for any help!!
    Rev. Arthur M. Yates
    General Evangelist

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