I will be doing an outreach here. I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I am the most imperfect and hypocritical follower of Christ you have ever met. If we meet each other and share some words about the "WORD," then don't follow along after me because I will walk you into a brick wall. Could you listen to my words and see if they apply? Ponder what I am saying here.

We live and breathe on words. If we are not talking to each other, we are thinking about words spoken by another. Or, we are thinking our own words about what others have said. And then we talk with ourselves. Some of us even speak our thinking out loud. I do sometimes. I have brilliant conversations with my wall and my dog, Buster.

War begins with words. Peace begins with words. Love begins with words. A garden is planted by words...

When you walk or bicycle by Crazy Larry's, look upon the shelf on the porch, and you may find an item you need or a snack. Take it. If you want to offload an item or a snack, please feel free to leave it. I could use the help in giving.

I lived on the Appalachian Trail for three years, running from the law. I miss those days. The AT taught me much about giving and caring for others. I wish our churches could grasp that thinking. I became a believer in Christ Jesus at the Rod Hollow Lean-to on the night of September 17, 2003. I will never forget that moment in time. I was in Hurricane Isabel. Could you look it up? Since then, I have walked a rocky path with Christ. I am not a perfect man.

The first time I wanted to let go of this hostel was in January 2018. A month later, after my father died on Christmas Eve 2017. I watched him take his last breath. But I stayed put because I did not want to let go of this. I am ready now.

Life is about change. I have had my day. At one time, I was the best and coolest hostel on both the Appalachian Trail and the Trans American Bicycle Route. Not long ago, I had to step aside and let another hostel take the lead. To put it simply, I became tired of being famous. It is too much work.

This life is not about me.