Finished my section Hike from Damascus up close to crossover route 81.
This was third week in April.

I'm pretty sure I was at the very front of the bubble.

I talked to one gentleman who was through hiking with his dad.
Number 895 on the list - started March 11th.
I'm pretty sure he was moving fast - he was taking 2 zero days in Damascus - they were going south - the elevation was better for them.

Others were in cruise mode.
One went by me my last day looking for his buddies - they were 20 minutes ahead.
He started running down the trail.

Problem on trail out of the Louise Chatfield shelter.
Rhododendron covering path in arc for about 1.5 miles.
Well I'm 6'5" and I cracked my head 3 times on the low hanging branches.

Trail maintainers need to fix this......

Good hike - water a plenty.