Oh come on...really not a dirty old man here.

Wife & I through'd in '15. Have gotten back on the trail almost every spring since and done sections.

Just went from (NY) the Hudson River down through to Boiling Springs (PA) in the past few weeks.

Spent one of my last nights @ the Darlington (north of BS) about a week ago and had some good converations with a young lady NOBO with the trail name "Sin City" (started in GA back in Jan or Feb) that was having foot problems.

Just wondered if anyone had run in to her and how (if she had actually taken the doc's advise and "slowed down") she was doing.

She is probably in northern PA by now...could be in NY if she healed up.

Just wondered if anyone had run in to her. If you do, tell her that Maurice still thinks she will go the whole way...just listen to the body.

Thanks community.

Maurice of "Those Flippin' Milanders" - 2015