Not sure how much traction I'll get on this since most of you seem to be alcohol stove owners....

MSR makes it quite clear that they don't want you to use a windscreen or heat deflector (actually they never mention the heat deflector) when using the Pocket Rocket canister stove. They fear that the canister will get too warm if a windscreen is used.

The canister does get a bit warm if you don't use a windscreen, but I would think that if a properly size heat deflector was used the canister would not warm up.

How about this idea....

1) Build the "typical" windscreen. Add a few extra holes around the bottom to allow the canister to remain cool.

2) Build a heat reflector that would fit across the 3 prongs (pot supports) positioned just below jet, but above the air-intake port on the stem. The reflector's diameter would be identical to that of the wind screen. Preventing any heat, and air, from moving below the reflector.

3) An optional large hole would be placed on the side of the windscreen to allow flame adjustments.

Here is a picture if the stove if you haven't seen one before.

Where does the O2 meet up with the gas to burn? At the top of the stove, or at the "port" on the stem of the stove? IOW, would I need to put a few holes around the windscreen just above the heat reflector to prevent the flame from going out? Or are the holes around the base (below the reflector) sufficient?

Any suggestions? Concerns?