There's a free newspaper called Blue Ridge Outdoors available in NC, VA and a few other Southeastern States. I picked up the March 2003 copy in Asheville, NC yesterday as I passed through on my way from TN to NY. The March edition has lots of interesting stuff including an article on the 3rd person to hike the Mountains to Sea Trail. That article should get the purists among us in an uproar, as the hiker biked 200 of the 900+ mile trail. Sacrilege!

There's also an article on Trail Running - something that got the juices flowing over on recently. Another small article with an overview of the Bartram Trail in the Nantahalas, reviews of trail shoes, and on & on.

If you can get your hands on a copy, do so. I don't know that I'd pay for a subscription, but for free, heck, there's worse reading out there (Backpacker).