Smokestack and I walked from Unicoi Gap to Indian Grave Gap today. The stream which normally is a reliable water source on Rocky Mtn ( 1/2 mile north from Unicoi Gap) is completely dry. We found no visible puddles.

We walked the blue blazed side trail (Rocky Mountain Trail) that drops down from near the top of Rocky Mtn to observe the three streams that also usually have a strong flow. Water is usually obtainable about 1/4 mile down this trail. We found them all to be dry as well.

The blue blazed trail drops down onto a FS road 1/2 mile west of Indian Grave Gap. As of today, August 5, following the blue blazes down this road and walking west from Indian Grave Gap we found a small but servicable flow to the left of the road just before the Rocky Mountain Trail heads back into the woods.

If time permits this week we plan to check out the water situation at the Cheese Factory and at the Tray Mtn Shelter.

Mother Nature