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    Default Katahdin via AT in Late May

    I'll be in BSP late May and would like to summitt Katahdin via the AT. I want to do this in order to complete the Maine AT. (I just need the mileage inside BSP + the stretch south of Grafton Notch). Even though the park is open, the trails to the peak may not be officially open. I understand that the rangers may have some discretion to let people through if they are properly equipped and experienced. Does anyone have any advice on what to take in order to be allowed to summitt?

    Of course, I'm also interested in summitting safely - but assume that the rangers will be pretty conservative about safety.

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    Twiggy might be able to give you a better answer but from what Ive gathered may isnt a good time to try it. The trail is very muddy in this time period and kept closed to protect the landscape. If its dry enough then the rangers rate the day according to the weather. Class 1 = best , class 4 = jail time.

    Gear wise cramps and or snow shoes are the only special items you need to consider other then proper attire for the weather on top which will be cold and windy of course.

    Your best bet in any case is to call the rangers and ask.

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    Also, are the black flies out in force in May?
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    Not sure about Maine, but on the hike I did yesterday in NH, they were defintley starting to come out..not in full force, but we were aware of their presence. Bring bug spray.
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    Default Re: Katahdin via AT in Late May

    Originally posted by pedxing
    I'll be in BSP late May and would like to summit Katahdin via the AT.
    The AT is always the first trail to Baxter Peak to open. Trails on the east side can stay closed until mid June. Over the last 12 opening weekends, the Hunt Trail has been officially open 4 times. Recently the MATC has been doing trail work up there that weekend, and will be up there again this year. The "official" way the AT opens is after a Ranger has climbed it personally. But more often than not, it opens after climbers report back to him that the trail's clear of ice in about three key spots.
    Many southbound thruhikers have climbed before the trail officialy opens. That's not a very good idea.
    I'll be up there May 16th>19th, and I'll be heading southbound from Katahdin to Caratunk on June 6th. No blackflies in mid May. Billions in June. Bring 100% DEET.

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    Thanks for the input DOM, TJ. Have a great trip from Katahdin to Caratunk TJ.

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