Hi Everyone!
Thanks to ALL who supported HARDCORE before the Holidays by purchasing these (SGT ROCKS) NO SNIVELING STICKERS!
What a great way to show support for our Brother over in Iraq and for Bob Peoples and HARDCORE!
Just want to let you all know that these are available still and will be right up to TDs although not from me after Feb 15th (get yours now) as I will be closing shop and heading for the woods!

So for those who missed the chance to get theirs ....there will be a few at the RUCKS (thanks to our sweet Starlyte) and possibly a few of the Outfitters in the south will have them this spring.

They are only $2 with a buck from ea. going towards the Hardcore Project (thats if you get them or can find them over the counter) have to add .99 for s/h if you want yours mailed to you . I will have a few at Trail Days too .
Eithor way I hope for and am truly greatful for your continued support with this .THANK YOU ALL !

If you want yours now and don't mind the shipping cost use this email for Paypal or to let me know if you need the mailing address for sending check etc.
I have been working on a similar deal on a much larger scale to benefit the rest of the Maintenance Clubs out there with the ATC and now ALDHA but it is a slow process.... hopefully this will be happening by this fall....we'll see?

Anyways just thought I'd let ya know !