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Thread: Shaker Campsite

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    No sign of this particular bear(s) yet, but they are starting to be reported out and about in the County.

    Use the bear box, all the time. Cook early in the evening, away from your tent. Put all the smellables in the box. Let us know if you get any visits...


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    Quote Originally Posted by Cosmo View Post
    No sign of this particular bear(s) yet, but they are starting to be reported out and about in the County.
    to add to what cosmo said: i haven't seen any on trail yet in the area, but we've had a bear sighting about 3/4 of a mile from the campsite. they are awake and prowling!

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    Here's one bear that's not quite so hungry:

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    thanks for the input. good reminders on SOP at camp.

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    saw a mama bear and a very tiny single cub on trail today at about noon, just a minute or so NOBO from the shaker campsite.

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    Default permission for photo?

    Great photo! Can I have permission to it in my app "Walk The Distance" with attribution? The app lets users walk the AT virtually, and your photo would pop up when they reach the campsite.

    Quote Originally Posted by Manwich View Post
    Woke up here Monday Morning.

    Coordinates are approximately 42.25213, -73.22431

    A sign on a tree points "Shaker Campsite Privy." It should read "Shaker Campsite And Privy" because we walked right past it thinking it was only the privy and that the campsite would be denoted a little better.

    Two platforms are roughly 7.5'x7.5'. Bear box is still in good condition. Looked like some genius was hanging bear-bags directly in between the two platforms.

    If you're going Northbound, try not to get water from the streams just after North Mt. Wilcox shelter, the streams were loaded with nitrates. There are some small streams a couple hundred feet northbound on the trail.

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    Beware, bears are still active in the area. The trailcam monitoring the bear box showed a sow with 2 cubs visiting on Oct 9th and a large bear visiting on Oct 21st. Several hikers have left the bear box unlatched or even open with food in the box! Please don't be that hiker! Protect the resident bears and fellow hikers by keeping the box closed and latched at all times! The trailcam monitoring the bear box has been removed for the season but hikers should expect bears to be active in the area through Dec and occasionally active even over the winter.

    Thanks, for the Mass AT Management Committee, Jim

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