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    Default Hennessy Hammock?

    I'm thinking about getting a Hennesy Hammock. I've been looking at the Expedition ASYM and the two Explorer ASYM hammocks on the Hennessy Hammock web page. I think they seem to be what I'm looking for. But I don't know which one to choose. I'm 6 ft. 1 inch (1,86 m) and weigh 190 lbs (85 kg.).
    Is there someone over 6 ft. with experience of the Expedition ASYM? Is it to small?
    I'm also curious about the different materials in the two Explorer models. Anyone have any opinions regarding the durability in them? Is it worth the extra weight of the Explorer Asym to get thicker material than in the Explorer Ultralite?
    Since I don't have any experience of hammocks I'm interressted in all the tips and information I can get.


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    Since you don't have any experience with hammocks, it might be worthwhile to see if you could try out some to see what you think of them. If you post where you are located there may be some folks with hammocks in the area that would be willing to let you take a look at what they have. You could also try contacting some of the hammock manufactures, explain your situation and see if they have a loaner that you could try out. I believe that Hennessy, Clark and Speer are the hammocks that most folks are using for backpacking. To make it more interesting, each manufacturer has several different models to choose from and there are unique differences between the manufacturers... its kind of like picking out an SUV, they are all good, but which one do you really want?

    Youngblood -- who has more hammocks than he will fess up to.

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    Thanks for the answer. I'd love to be able to try some different hammocks but unfortunatly there are not any stores that sell them where I live, I live in sweden. And I have not seen or heard about anyone that uses hammocks here either. That's why I'm so curious to hear about your experiences and opinions.


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    I hiked last year and used nothing but the Hennessy . I used the Safari Ultra Lite. Im 6 ft and weigh 190. It served me well. You do have to watch for rain water coming in on you from the ends. The fly has to really be arranged just right. I think the expedition might be worse for this because I think the rain fly is the same size but the hammock is a little bigger. I havnt tried the other brands ,Ive heard good things about some. But from what I saw at Trail Days. Hennessy wins hands down, in my opinion. As far as durability, I did a thru hike with mine and its just as good as the day I bought it. That stuff dosent tear and the no see'um dosent let in a thing. Good luck!!

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    I use the backpack A-sym, I'm 6'1" and 188...subbed the fly and now use a Golite Cave Tarp that is HUGE, subbed so I could have some land underneath to cook even if the rain is coming in @ an angle......I promise you will love hammocking, we just did a three day section and each morning I woke up with not one stiff joint in my body...
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